Sell a Hoarder House Fast in Massachusetts

Whether you have a loved one in your life who’s dealing with hoarding or you’re facing it yourself, hoarding can have a huge impact in your life when it comes to both your emotions and your physical wellbeing. You probably want to get out of the situation as fast as you can and the process might seem overwhelming and downright impossible at times.

Here’s some good news: it’s not.

Not only is it something you can do, but there are ways you can do so efficiently. Hoarder houses can be quite a challenge to sell due to the amount of renovations that are typically required along with all the mess that comes along with it. In many instances, real estate agents do not like to get involved in selling a hoarder house on the market due to the cleanouts and repairs that are required to make the property appealing for the buyers. It can be an overwhelming and frustrating feeling, but the good news is we have a solution for you – we buy hoarder houses in ‘as-is’ condition, no repairs, no hassles.

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Hoarder Houses Massachusetts
Leaving Behind a Hoarding House Can be an Emotional Challenge. We get it. We are here to help!

What Are Some of the Potential Hazards of a Hoarder House?

While mess of any kind can be a potential hazard, there are some more specific issues that may arise with a hoarder home. A common problem that hoarder houses face is a rodent infestation. Flies, cockroaches, and other pets may also be found, especially in situations where the clutter includes something like rotten food. In addition to  being unpleasant to be around, these pests can cause significant health issues to any resident as well as inflicting structural damage in some cases.

Another common hazard is mildew and fungus. While it’s not uncommon to see these in any damp space in your average clean house, these issues can be severe in a hoarder house. Mildew and fungus can significantly reduce the air quality within the home which can aggravate pre-existing conditions, especially those relating to the respiratory system. This can also affect allergies and other physical ailments.

Faulty appliances and non-functioning electronic systems can also lead to dangerous accidents. As you may be noticing, there is no shortage as to what the potential hazards of a hoarder house might be. You might be wondering how you can identify all of the ones present in your house without missing anything – that’s where home inspectors come in.

How Do I Identify What Issues with the Hoarder House Need to Be Addressed Prior to Sale?

When you’re considering selling your hoarders home you may not even know what repairs will be necessary prior to a sale. If there are any of the previously mentioned hazards present in your house, it’s crucial to identify them all and address them.

There may also be unexpected damage – if your home has large piles of books or other heavy materials stacked on the floor, structural integrity may be compromised. Other structural issues may exist, such as worn out floorboards, brittle structures, and so on. These are some of the ways that repairs can improve safety while also improving convenience and appearance.

Beyond that, you’ll also need to conduct some basic repairs like tightening leaky faucets and replacing light bulbs. A home inspector or real estate agent can help advise you during this process.

Do I Need to Clean My Home Prior to the Sale?

Cleaning your home can be a time consuming, overwhelming, and emotionally draining experience, and it is likely a task you are hoping to avoid. If you sell your home the traditional way and list it, you would need to set up your house to try to attract buyers, so you’d likely need to deep clean the home and make sure it looks as new as possible to entice potential sales. If you decide to reach out to us for your no obligation, cash offer, and ultimately decide to sell your home to us, you can avoid the tedious process of cleaning your house. We buy homes in their current condition and provide you with the best possible cash offer that is customized to your specific situation. Additionally, we take care of the details so you can focus on yourself and your next steps.

Do I Need to Take Care of All Repairs in a Hoarder House?

If you’re considering selling your hoarders home, you may not even know what repairs will be necessary to complete prior to a sale. Do you need to replace any plumbing, tighten any leaky faucets, or replace light bulbs? There also may be quite a bit of damage that was caused by vermin, leftover food, and more – pest invasions can cause huge issues, and repairing that damage is generally beyond the average person’s expertise.

There may also be unexpected damage – if your home has large piles of books or other heavy materials stacked on the floor, there may be some issues with structural integrity. There may also be other structural issues – worn away floorboards, brittle structures, and more. These are some of the ways that repairs can be about safety as well as convenience and appearance.

It may be hard to even assess what damage needs to be fixed just by looking at the house, and a deep cleaning may be required to fully assess this. Even if you budget for repairs, last minute issues can be noticed that need to be addressed. If you choose to sell your house to us, we take care of any repairs that may be necessary, saving you time and money.

When we purchase hoarder houses in Massachusetts, we buy them along with all the problems associated with the property with the goal of taking on the repairs and cleanouts ourselves, handling the renovations, and selling the house with the hope of making some profit if we’re able to.

The good news is: we are BBB accredited, cash investors and there’s no need to deal with traditional forms of selling your home. When we buy hoarder houses, we can close as quickly as 14 days in most cases.

How Much Does It Cost to Prepare a Hoarder House for Sale?

The costs associated with preparing a hoarder house for sale vary greatly depending on location, so it’s difficult to give a precise estimation. For example, anything in the heart of a major city will likely be more expensive than repairs in a smaller suburb.

The cost of hiring a professional to clean and repair a hoarder house will also vary depending on the size of the property, the extent of the hoarding, and the materials that must be removed. There are also factors that will boost the price such as mold, fungi, rotten food, and biohazards. Large bulky items like furniture, floorboards, and drywall can also be expensive to remove.

The cost may be several thousand dollars, especially if the work required will take a significant amount of time and energy. To get a true estimate, you will need to contact a professional cleaner who can evaluate your property and give you a more accurate quote. Just make sure you choose a reputable business to work with here – there is no official database or licensing board for cleaners so you will want to carefully check reviews before signing any contracts.

Do I Need to Hire a Real Estate Agent to Help Sell a Hoarder House?

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If you decide that you would like to list your house on the market, you would need to work with a real estate agent. However, if you choose to work with us, you won’t need to. We will work with you and guide you through our simple process to get you the best possible cash offer up front – we don’t believe in wasting your time.

At Pavel Buys Homes, we believe in providing honest communication to you so that you have all of the information you need to make the best decision for you. Our process also eliminates the need for any middlemen – we will work directly with you and take care of all of the grunt work so you won’t have to worry about it.

Can You Buy My Home If I’m a Hoarder?

Absolutely YES.

We buy homes from hoarders across Massachusetts quite often and because we pay cash, the process can be very quick, eliminating a lot of the paperwork involved. If your home is too messy or a potential tear-down, we would be interested in chatting with you to discuss your options and discuss your options.

Whether you’re looking to relocate and leave your hoarding life behind, we’ll work with you to sell your home fast. As reputable, Massachusetts home buyers, we’ll work with you to simplify the process so that you can move on with cash in your pocket.

Will I Need to Wait Until My House is Sold Before I Get Paid?

Definitely not. Once we come to an agreement on the purchase price of your home, we’ll set up a closing date and a closing date so that we can get you paid as soon as possible. Our goal is take the property off your hands in a quick, professional matter so that we can move forward with renovating it and re-selling it once complete. This however does not mean you have to wait until your house is sold.

When we purchase homes for cash, you will not need to wait until we sell the house.

We Buy Hoarder Houses in Massachusetts

Downsides of Deed in Lieu

Cleaning out a house that has been used for hoarding and restoring it can be an emotionally difficult process with expenses involved. We get it. When you sell directly to us, we will:

  • Present you with a fair, no obligation cash offer (you can always tell us no!)
  • Purchase your house or condo in ANY condition
  • If you’re moving, we’ll take care of all the cleanouts. You take only what you need with you
  • We cover all closing costs. You won’t be responsible for any fees
  • Eliminate the burden of the hoarder house completely and start a brand new life

At Pavel Buys Houses, we believe in transparency and integrity. We’ll do everything we can to resolve your situation so that you understand all your options when it comes to selling a hoarder home.

We know everyone has had their own journey and we want to help you get back on track.

Simply, get started by filling out the contact form below or calling or sending us a text at 781-309-7085.

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