What Happens if You Inherit a House with a Lien?

What Happens if You Inherit a House with a Lien?

Inheriting a house can be both a blessing and a burden, especially when the property comes with a lien on it. A lien is a legal claim placed on a property by a creditor to secure the payment of a debt. If you inherit a house with a lien in Massachusetts, it can create a … Continued

sell house before paying off mortgage

Can I Sell My House Before Paying Off My Mortgage?

Are you thinking about selling your house, but you haven’t finished paying off your mortgage yet? Or maybe, you’re still in a fixed term and are wondering if that also means you have to stay put until it ends. Whether you’re interested in porting your mortgage or have no idea what that is, you’re in … Continued

Sell House WIthout Making Repairs

How to Sell a House That Needs Work [Tips to Selling a Fixer Upper]

Selling a house that requires repairs in Massachusetts can pose challenges. Most buyers prefer move-in ready homes and are hesitant to take on additional work. However, with the right approach and understanding, you can successfully sell your property even if it needs repairs. In this comprehensive guide, we address common questions and provide valuable insights … Continued

How To Sell Your Elderly Parent’s Home

Selling your parent’s home can be a complicated task to deal with. You may find yourself in this situation due to various reasons such as the need for finances to pay for your parent’s care, downsizing, or preventing the house from remaining vacant. Whatever the reason, selling your parent’s house can be very different from … Continued

seller financing massachusetts

Seller Financing in Massachusetts: Pros & Cons

There are usually two ways to buy a home: 1) you buy it outright in cash, or 2) you get a mortgage to finance the purchase. But we all know that getting a mortgage is not an easy road to go down. Even if you’re extremely qualified, it’s a stressful process, and anything against you … Continued

Sell House As Is in Massachusetts

How to Sell A House As-Is in Massachusetts

f you’ve been thinking about selling your home, now might be the best time to cash in your equity and embark on your next adventure. In Massachusetts and many other parts of the US, the housing market is red hot. Most houses in Massachusetts are being sold for way over the asking price, even homes that require repairs.

Squatter rights in MA

Squatters Rights: How to Handle Squatters in Massachusetts

Discovering a squatter on your property can incite a whirlpool of emotions: shock, confusion, and even fear. Most property owners feel violated and want to take action ASAP – but they also know that squatters have rights. But how extensive are these rights? After all, you own the home. How can a stranger possibly have … Continued

should i paint house before selling?

Should I Paint My House Before Selling?

Are you thinking about selling your house and wondering whether it should have a splash of new paint before you put it on the market? You’re not alone. It’s a question any seller with a home that’s looking a little less than perfect on the outside asks themselves. But is it really worth it? Unfortunately, … Continued

sell house without spouse signature

Can I Sell My Home Without My Spouse’s Signature?

Selling a home can be a complex process, particularly when it involves matters of shared ownership and marital property. You may be wondering if it’s possible to sell your home without your spouse’s signature, particularly if your spouse is unwilling to sell. Generally speaking, the answer is no, but factors such as ownership, mortgage payments, … Continued

how to write FSBO listing

How Do I Write a Listing for My FSBO Home?

Selling a home is never easy, and while opting for an FSBO (for sale by owner) approach can save you a significant amount of money, it certainly comes with its own challenges. Since you’re selling your home, you need to do all your marketing, and that means you need to write your own listing. The … Continued

Transfer Deed after Death

How To Transfer a Deed of House After Death

Inheriting a home from a loved one is bittersweet – inheriting a financial asset such as a home is always a good thing, but the loss of your loved one can cast a cloud over your good fortune. There is a surprising amount of paperwork to be completed in the aftermath of someone’s death, and … Continued

hoarding resources

Massachusetts Resources for Hoarders

Hoarding poses substantial challenges to individuals, affecting their mental and physical well-being while engulfing their living spaces. To combat this complex issue, it is crucial to seek help and leverage available resources. Massachusetts offers a range of specialized organizations and services dedicated to assisting hoarders in reclaiming their lives. Furthermore, exploring the option of selling … Continued

house damaged before closing

What Happens If a House is Damaged Before Closing?

Selling a home is always a testing experience – you’ve got to endure the wait and hope that nothing occurs to derail the sale. While some sellers have a flawless experience, going from the decision to sell to closing without a hitch, most of us aren’t so lucky. Whether your buyer changes their mind before … Continued